Selling price by item group with Trade Agreement functionality

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Hi Team,


I am trying to create new trade agreement for some customer groups with some item group combinations. I tried creating customer group and i can see the same in sale& marketing and even i can map the customer price groups on individual customers. But the same when i want to try for item groups, first i cannot able to find the setup form for defining item group for price groups and second i tried creating item group directly from trade agreement journal, there it got created but don't know where it shows and don't know where to map.

Note: I had activated all check boxes related to prices under sales&marketing - activate prices


Can anyone help me.. how to use sales price by customer group and item groups combinations with example plz



Abdul Gaffar

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  • You can create a trade agreement journal with the combinations that you need and then post it to create trade agreements.

  • I am saying the same that from trade agreement journal, i cannot able to mapp with item group. Can you give me with example.

    Can you please read again what I am trying to say for customer group and item group combination

  • It doesn't look like that we can create a price list for an item group. It was there in AX 2009 but looks like it has been removed in AX 2012. The item price/discount group (of AX2009) has been renamed to item discount group.  Also in "Activate price/discount group" you may observe that in the "Price" tab, the available combinations are only for item-customer, item-customer group and item-All customer. The option to activate "Item group-customer", Item group-customer group" etc. is no longer available.

  • Ok but how it can be addressed.. This became very hectic for client to define price for each and every individual item manually through price agreement journals :( :(

    Thank you for your replies. Appreciated :)