RapidStart services for Products/Item import in Dynamics Ax 2012

RapidStart services for Products/Item import in Dynamics Ax 2012

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I am trying to import Items/Products in Ax2012 using RapidStart connector services. On downloading the products excel template i can find many sheets in the excel and unsure of what data needs to be filled up in each of the sheets. How are we to connect/reference 1 new item in the excel in all the sheets. Is there some specific documentation or if the template comes with some sample data it would make easier to read/relate it. The excel sheets have headers which read like table names, do they correspond to the AOT table names. Though some columns have some tool tips showing up, still finding it difficult to understand the template with its many sheets & columns and as such filling it up is a challenge.


Also having seen the DMF tool for master data imports in Ax2012, wondering which will be the official microsoft tool for data migration - DMF or Rapidstart? Is either of them being replaced by the other?






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  • Hi Mansoor,

    There is a new easier way of importing data pertaining to product and items using Rapidstart integration with Data Import/Export Framework (DIEF) (Released in March). For this you only need to create a Data Import/Export type of question using the Design experience. 

    1) When creating a new question, select the type of question as Data import export and enter a name. 

    2) When this is done select the table name, as the DIEF entity to configure (In this case Product), then select the fields required and click generate template.

    3) Save the question, and then answer it in the configuration experience as you normally would.

    A few notes: 

    1. DIEF installation is not required for you to create questions (design experience). All required metadata is in-built within the RapidStart service. However, you will require the new Rapidstart connector & DIEF tool installed when you would like to load the DIEF type answers to the AX instance.
    2. The latest connector version has been available since March 2013 on both PartnerSource and CustomerSource.
    3. You also have an ability to create your own DIEF entity using DIEF framework and then upload that metadata to your Org and you can build question on your custom DIEF entity 

    An overview of the extensibility aspect is here:


    Please let me know if you have any questions.