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Hello All,

Our vendor Reqlogic says this functionality is no longer available in AX 2012.  And I don't think this is something MS would have removed or at least not replaced with WCF or some other function.

I can't get a decent screen shot attached, so I'll do my best to explain and hope for the best.

When we are creating a requisition we enter something like "Laptop" then the subcompany and department ect.. fills out just fine, but we want to change the department id to the department requesting the Laptop (IT, Accounting, Machine Shop ect..) and In Reqlogic on AC 2009 they did this customization for us, and they were able to overwrite the dimension, now with AX 2012 they say they cannot overwrite the default dimension based on the user logged in.

I hope this makes sense, I think it's a long shot.'




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  • Hi Keith,

    The datamodel in AX2012 has been changed especially on the financial part. You can now setup your own dimensions. They can be set to maintain custom values or entity backed, e.g. the departments of your organization can be setup as a financial dimension.

    It is much more complex compared to AX2012, but it is possible to have just one dimension of the set of dimensions updated based n the department of the employee/user. You need indeed a customization.

    Because you can setup your departments as financial dimension this link can be found in the dimension structure and can be updated.

    kind regards,

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