AX 2012 error. Document date is greater than posting date.

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We are in the testing phase of our Dynamics implementation and are getting an error when trying to process an invoice journal.  Document date is greater than the posting date.

This is something that we do all the time in our current system and i cant seem to find any reason why this would be an issue.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Can you explain your business process to have the dates specified this way?  

    Technically you are stating you want to post amounts from a document to the general ledger (posting date) which are before the existence of the business document. (Document date).

    David Massey | Senior software engineer - Dynamics AX Service Industries

  • Yes.  

    Example:  We receive some product in April, but do not receive the invoice until May.  Right now we use a GL Posting date that matches the receipt, even though the document date is in the next month.

  • Normally, if you receive products there must be a packing slip included with a document date for the delivery. The invoice is a separate document with a separate document date.

    I would suggest to use this dates per document and thus post the product receipt in April and the invoice in May.

    Or is there something else we don't know?

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  • Are you using the GL to simulate PO/PackingSlip/Vendor Invoice matching or similar process?

    What you describe is actually two separate business document. The receipt document, and the invoice document. Each have their own document date and can affect posting and currency evaluation.

    Since you mentioned "Product", what happens if there is price variances between purchase, receipt an invoice prices? The procurement process in AX handled these scenarios.

    David Massey | Senior software engineer - Dynamics AX Service Industries

  • Our terms are FOB shipping point, so it is our liability the day it is shipped to us. We are on an accrual basis accounting, so we record our liabilities based on when the expenses incurred.

  • Dear Sugano ,

    I can try to sort out your issue.  U want to book an liability since your term are FOB shippin point. You can create an seperate account  under payable - say for example  Order L/C _________( and vendor name). This account you can credit when u get the information of Shipping and Debit Accrued Purchase - L/C. By doing this your liability will be booked.   One actual receipt of the material you have to follow normal proceedure in AX. After confirmation of Quantity and invoicing you can reverse the first entry.      This is a long cut but we are also following this since AX do not allow this functionality.    

    If you find this solution is ok then follow it or if you have find any other work around then please share with me.