Recalculate inventory in AX 2012

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hello everyone,

can you tell me how to recalculate inventory in AX 2012 and how to apply the results of recalculation in items.

thank you

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  • Hi,

    There is too much to tell you...

    You can go to and search for "ax inventory". You will then find some whitepapers of the inventory closing in AX2012.

    Also search for "ax cost management". You can then download a whitepaper of the costing methods in AX2009, but will give all information you need additionally on the AX2012 whitepapers.

    kind regards,

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  • Hi AndrĂ©,

    thank you for your response. I will follow your advice.

    best regards,


  • Hi everyone,

    Inventory recalculation has a base class - InventCostClosing. Run() method in this class does the actual job.

    So give the parameter Transadate in this method a value of today() - 1.

    Transdate = today() - 1 ;



    Manish Menon