LedgerJournalTable data deleted (AX 2009)

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one of my colleague has deleted ledgerjournaltable data of 3 months. Is there any way to get back my ledgerjournaltable data from any tables like: LedgerJournalTrans, etc.

Need your kind suggestions...



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  • Hi Mirza,

    The only thing you could try is restore the backup of the database in a separate environment. Then create an export definition of these tables. Export the data from the separate environment and import it into your production environment.

    In this case you have to be sure you have the correct data in your export file.

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  • Thanks Calavon for your suggestion but unfortunatley our backup team didn't have any backup for these 3 months and I'm really worried about my ledgerjournaltable data. somebody suggested me that I can get some data from LedgerJournalTrans table.

    Waiting for your kind reply..


    Mirza Mujib Ur Rahman Baig