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AX 2012 User asked a question on 13 Jul 2013 8:28 AM



Can anyone guide,how AX 2012 data can be encrypted and secured from System Administrator. For example Company don't want to give access to its bank account transactions access to System Administrator, same way for the employee salaries data, and many other information which are irrelevant to System Administrator  should not be accessed to System Administrator. Its not that system administrator is not trusted person of the organization, he is the one who is custodian of the system technically not business wise. As such data is confidential information for the organization.

Looking forward for applicable solution ASAP. Thanks


Martin Dráb responded on 15 Jul 2013 11:23 AM

Microsoft recommends Transparent Data Encryption for such things (namely for protecting credit card information). Unfortunately I'm not familiar with that, so I can't tell you anything more.

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Mohan Somashekara responded on 8 Sep 2014 12:14 AM

Hello Martin

Need more details about Transparent Data Encryption for ax 2012 . Kindly provide more links or documents .Kindly mail it


Mohan Somashekara

Dominic Lee responded on 8 Sep 2014 1:17 AM

Hi Ax2012,

Here's my 2 cents.

I take that the "System Administrator" means a user who has the "System Administrator" role in AX. In that case, there's not much can be done.

Even though they are only responsible for the technical side of things, but if we are looking to "technically" securing some data, then the whole thing, including the data, has become part of the System Administrator's domain.

I'd like to think that, just like a company would trust a financial manager that he/she would not disclose sensitive information; a company would also need to trust that a system administrators won't disclose sensitive data to anybody.

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Martin Dráb responded on 15 Sep 2014 3:45 PM

It seems that you should explain to us what exactly you mean by "system administrator". Which tasks does your "system administrator" do?

For example, a system administrator role in AX and a person maintaining hardware (who never needs access to encrypted business data) obviously need completely different permissions.

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