Copy (not move) a field on a form layout

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Is it possible to copy a display field from one tab to another using the form setup in Ax 2009?

(Right click on a form > Setup)

It IS possible to add a new (duplicate) field from a table, but how do I add a new duplicate display field from the same table as these are not shown in the list?



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  • Hi Lars,

    As an user it is not possible to add display methods in this way. In this case it can be done from the AOT by adding the display method in the form design (customization).

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  • The question here is why would you want two display methods that display the same data?  Its taking twice as long for the form to populate this data if you have it in two places.  Unless it is truly needed in two places, I would argue against adding two display methods that display the same information.

  • Just to complete the statement, data is loaded twice if the method is not cached. And I'm not surprised by the request - it's quite common that some users want to see some field in a different place.

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