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vengalamseshu asked a question on 31 Jul 2013 3:38 AM

Getting "Company to partition mappings has not been done in the source system." error on Upgrading data from AX 2009 to ax2012,

Steps followed to upgrade:

1. Installed AX 2012 as a fresh installation.

2. Compiled the Complete Application as well .NET Framework CIL.3.

3. Completed all the Checklists in "Upgrade Preparation"

4.Then tried to connect to a AX 2009 base database from " Data Upgrade --> "Connect to source database ( Required)" option. When I point to my AX 2009 database, on Connecting I am getting

"Company to partition mappings has not been done in the source system." error.

Could anybody please let me know am I missing any other configuration for upgrading the data, or do I need to take any addition steps .

Thanks & regards

Sesha Sayana Reddy V

Martin Dráb responded on 31 Jul 2013 8:45 AM

The mapping is part of Preprocessing upgrade checklist that you should run in your AX2009 system.

You should familiarize yourself with the whole process of data upgrade - just trying isn't the best approach in this case. The Upgrade Guide will help you with that.

vengalamseshu responded on 1 Aug 2013 5:38 AM

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your suggestion. Now I am trying to proceed to do PreSynchronize the AX 2009 Database.

But after AX Compilation, I am still seeing that "Data Upgrade: is in disabled mode.

And I am seeing an error "Mandatory checklist item 'Presynchronize' is dependent on optional checklist item 'Provide license information'." eery time when I open a "Upgrade Check List"

Here I have provided the AX 2009 License key and Synchronized the DB. Still I am not able to See the "Presynchronize" option enabled. Could you please let me know am I missing any additional configuration which are required.

Note I have followed the exact way which is specified in the AX 2012 Upgrade document.

Thanks in Advance.

Sesha Sayana Reddy V