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we are working in some customization and a question had been raised to me  that , is the validstate fields (ValidFrom-ValidTo ) allow date overlapping

Ex:- suppose that i have  a shift table and i wanna the worker to have valid from to valid shift


worker  shiftcode ValidFrom   ValidTo

0001     sh0001    1/4/2013     1/5/2013

what will happen if some assign another shift in different dates but in the same month


worker  shiftcode ValidFrom   ValidTo

0001     sh0002    15/4/2013     15/5/2013

how to prevent date overlapping  like the above example ?????

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  • As far as I know there are no issues with overlapping in the framework for valid time state tables. The framework was specifically designed to prevent overlapping:

    "The system guarantees that the values in these date or date-time fields remain valid by automatically preventing overlap among date ranges. "

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