How to Import and Export a Shared Project?

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Hi, i'm ashok

I'm new to Dynamics AX  2012 R2  will anyone explain  to me  how to Import and export a  shared project.  while i'm importing  the my project XPO  file i can't able see all the my project information like tables,classes,Forms..

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  • Hi Ashok,

    Can you provide more information?

    - What kind of objects in the project? (New or modified?) Was there any modification in the project?

    - During export did you check the "Export project definition only" and/or the "application object layer" check boxes?

    Also, xpo files are text files. You can open the xpo file with any text editor and check that there are objects exported to the xpo.

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  • When importing, after selecting the file select the "Show Details" check box.  You can then browse and compare your AOT objects.

  • Can you clarify what (Export project definition only) option mean ? and what difference between choosing project layer or not ?

  • Hi

    Export project definition only mean that only "Project Definition" tree without any objects will be exported.

    Project layer option give you the possibility to export only the modifications done on the indicated layer.

    E.g. you have the SalesLine table with a new field "A" and one modify method on CUS layer and also another new field "B" on VAR layer.

    If during Table export you indicate the VAR layer, only the new field "B" will be exported.

    If you don't indicate any layer, the entire table with all modifications done in all layers will be exported.

    Thanks & Regards

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