Relation between user group and user roll in Ax 2012

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Would like to know what is the relation between user group and roll in ax 2012.

Functionality like " Private for user Group" in general journal is  available for user group only but for user group restriction/permission we are creating "Security Roll" .

Now how this two could be mapped /what is the functionality to avail the "Private for user group" functionality yin ax 2012 .

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  • Hi Mriganka,

    The user group in AX2012 is an heritage of prior versions. In the prior versions the security was also linked on the user groups. To have functionality maintained in AX2012 the user group is still available. It is now a method for creating a list of users.

    Another way in AX2012 to have a list of users is the entity "Team". In my opinion the private for user group should be upgraded to work also with the "Team".

    The private for user group is a way of securing journal names or journals so not every user can see this type of journals. Only those who are in the group.

    Further: There is no relation between the user group and the role in AX2012.

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