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I am new to EP development and would like to get some ideas for the following modification.

Under Employee services-> Approvals->My approvals, we'd like to add check boxes to the timesheet lines to be able to 'Select All' which will subsequently select all lines under each timesheet or Multi-select timesheet lines and then 'Approve All' at once.

I'm not sure how to go about this change, any help or pointers would really help.



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  • Hi Charu,

    Please check this post. community.dynamics.com/.../197405.aspx

    I heard many compaints from several developers that multi selection is not working within EP list pages.

    I have not checked if the problem is already solved in a version later that AX2012 CU3. This was the version where I have seen it was really impossible. I have no references from later versions.

    Did somebody managed to get this working?

    kind regards,

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