Dynamics connector AX2012/CRM2011

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Hi all,

We are setting up the Dynamics connector and are having some issues with the change tracking requirements. We don't want to enable change tracking for everything, just the tables needed to get the standard connector integration in place.

For what tables do we need to enable change tracking? Can’t seem to find any info on this, just that we need to enable change tracking..?

Appreciate any help on the issue!


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  • and also, do we need to enable change tracking for the child entities aswell?

  • You only need to enable change tracking at database level. Running the connector setup will enable change tracking for required tables automatically.

  • Hi,

    Just stumbled across this post as we are pouring over the Connector documentation trying to get things working.

    A heads up if you are upgrading to CU6 and have the most recent V3 CU1 of Connector that change tracking is no longer supported for this arrangement.

  • blogs.msdn.com/.../connector-for-microsoft-dynamics-v3-cu-1-released-today.aspx

    Response from Connector Team on 2nd comment...