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Andy Adamak asked a question on 17 Oct 2013 11:42 AM
We recently started getting a strange error when trying to post a pick list using our shipping aif service in ax 2012 r2. The error reads "Cannot update quantity [Route line item quantity] with new dimensions". It only happens on a few sales orders, and I can't figure out what's going wrong. I have traced where the error is being thrown: in the InventUpd_ChangeDimension.updateChangeIssue() method. I'm having a hard time understanding exactly what this method is even doing, but the code fails at the if (addChangeQty) line, meaning it's seeing a value there when it shouldn't. Anyone have any insight as to what this function is doing, and what may be the root cause of this error being thrown? Thanks
dachong responded on 28 Feb 2014 8:03 PM


I am having the exactly same issue, could anyone give me some clue on where went wrong? Thanks so much.

Artemisia responded on 16 Jun 2014 7:53 PM

Same problem here.. Anyone can help?

Andy Adamak responded on 17 Jun 2014 1:11 PM

Hello fellow AX-ers,

We solved this issue in October of 2013, but I never posted the answer... and I don't recall exactly how.  I believe this was due to markings/reservations on the sales order line.  Since we do not utilize this functionality for Sales orders, I think we added a method to clear the reservations on the line prior to picking.  

I would recommend looking in that area.

Donn Lawrence Salvador responded on 24 Nov 2014 9:43 PM

i encountered the same error. did you able to fix this?