AX2012 Rollback Upgrade Steps

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I would like some advice on what steps to take to rollback an AX2012 upgrade at various stages.  For example, if I want to rerun the dataupgrade from the beginning, what steps should I take?  Which databases would need to be restored?  

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  • Upgrade from what? Pre-AX2012?

    Tommy Skaue | Dynamics AX Developer from Norway | |

  • I am doing a source to target upgrade from AX2009 to ax2012 R2.  It may be that there are no 'general' answers, but I just haven't seen much discussion about how to do it.  For example, at one point, my dataupgrade batch on the target system got completely hung up.  A 1 minute task was stuck executing for days.  I figured out the problem, and then wanted to clear all of the imported data and start over, while preserving the upgraded code.  Can that be done?  For another example, how would I roll back from a layer import that you want to remove?

  • The basic premise for upgrading is a good knowledge on how Dynamics AX works from a technical perspective. I would highly recommend reading through the upgrade guide carefully, as it covers the procedure pretty well. There are a few gotchas in there, so expect to spend some time going back and forth.

    One way to "return back to a previous state" is to make sure to backup the databases in between steps. This would also work if your data upgrade is half-baked and you need to start over. You should be able to fix issues with the batches either directly in the interface or by updating the tables using SQL.

    I would take the opportunity to remind you that CU7 was just recently released and if it is feasible, you should consider upgrading to CU7 now. Your total compile time might be reduced by more than 90%. It depends on what non standard code you have in your solution, code that would need to be upgraded for CU7.

    Tommy Skaue | Dynamics AX Developer from Norway | |

  • In order to "rollback" you would almost always need to restore both the business database and the _model database with Dynamics AX R2. There are a few different points during the data upgrade when we are making changes which impacts the contents of the model database by disabling/enabling unique indexes, creating tables, etc. There may be a few limited exceptions, but I would always just bring them both back to the same point in time.

  • Thanks!