Table has a column named "DATE"

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In a T-SQL query if you encounter this problem, you can specify a column alias using square brackets such as [DATE].  Is there a way to do this in an X++ query? Thanks.

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  • Design around the "problem" by giving the column a better name. "Date" is an uninventive and unintuitive name for a date column, and while I can name numerous reasons not to call a column date, I can't think of one single reason for calling it date.


    Tommy Skaue | Dynamics AX Developer from Norway | |

  • What problem are you trying to address? Because you can refer to a field called Date in X++ (although I agree with Tommy that you shouldn't use such a name - it's even a keyword in X++).

    Martin "Goshoom" Dráb | Freelancer | Goshoom.NET Dev Blog