Problem Posting Intercompany Sales Order Packing Slip

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On occasion we get this error when trying to post the packing slip on an intercompany sales order.

"Cannot edit a record in Sales order - update table (SalesParmTable).

An update conflict occurred due to another user process deleting the record or changing one or more fields in the record."

We have found articles and info on other forums where people have had this issue and suggested "go to "SalesPackingSlipJournalpost" class in that goto "UpdateSourcetable" Method and reread(); the database again just before you update the table".  

We've done this but it has not corrected our issue.  Any ideas?

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  • I think you have some customization around this functionality.

    this is due to inappropriate use of TTBegin and TTCommit

    try to review the code.

    ttsBegin and ttsCommit should be just before the table update() method

    and reread() method should be before ttsBegin

    Please verify, and update with your findings so that we can discuss more and fix the issue.

    Please update with your feedback.

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    Regards, NITESH RANAJN (PMP) | Dynamics AX Consultant