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Hi, we're in the process of evaluating Dynamics Ax 2012 R2.

We'll have about 60 users but only approx 20 users max working at the same time.

I'm planning on running the database on a physical server and all other roles and terminal services in VMs on another physical server using Hyper V.

Users will access Ax remotely using RDP.

What is best practice for disaster recovery (fail over). There are so many options available like 'Always on' for SQL server 2012 or Hyper V replication.

I'm looking for something affordable/ practical.

What are you using for your Ax infrastructure?

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  • Hi

    About disaster recovery I suggest you :

    1- You have SQL on a physical server, so make sure to have a SQL clustering

    2- About AOS, configure clusters that do not include a dedicated load balancer

    3- Also, set-up Hyper-v and the Failover Clustering


    Thanks & Regards

    Denis Macchinetti

    Senior Technical Architect

  • fail over installation for SQL server will the best solution for disaster recovery

    for this mode two different license of SQL server is also not required so its affordable.

    Hyper V installation is also recommended which brings in replication in case of any mishap.

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