Inventory consistency check with correct, InventOnHand value doubled ! AX2012 R2

Inventory consistency check with correct, InventOnHand value doubled ! AX2012 R2

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today i did run a consistency check for inventory. Only checked "on hand" with correct.

After running i got a huge log and all financial values (finacial cost amount) (as far as i saw) doubled !

When i now look on an item and check "inventory on Hand"  and look for "finacial cost amount" the value doubled !

any ideas? i'm littl scared ..

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  • Additon.. values in inventsum (postedvalue) has been changed.. is the recalculated when doing a ..inventory closing and adjustement?

    sry .. frm switzerland


  • I think may be the output is fine, even though as you see that value is dabbled as during inventory closing some adjustment happens based on Inventory model.

    Please go thorough following link and try to read all and understand the concept.

    Please verify and update with your feedback for further discussion.

    Please update with your feedback.

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  • Hi Pirmin,

    Can you provide the CU number you are using or are you using the initial version of R2? Is there any customization in your environment?

    During inventory close, indeed according to the inventory model correction can be posted. But this is only on outgoing inventory transactions? Do you also see doubled amounts on incoming transactions?

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