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I have multiple invoices for the same vendor that require a seperate check.  My current process is to create a seperate payment proposal for each invoice.  Is there a better way?

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  • Hi There is an option to select multiple invoices and pay through single check . Is this what your are looking at as To be process. AX allows either way Regards
  • Thanks for the reply - where is this option located?  I am currently paying multiple invoices on a single check and I would like to pay each invoice with and individual check on one vendor.


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  • Did you ever get your answer on this?

  • It sounds like that you want to have separate checks with a single payment proposal? Customization is available for this requirements.

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  • On the methods of payment if you change the Period to Invoice it will generate a single check for each invoice.

  • Amberreichelt is right, just change method of payment period to Invoice and you will get a separate check consumed for each invoice, below is path:

    Accounts Payable->setup->Payment->Method of Payment

    select your method of payment and and change period to Invoice

    Hope it will help.

    Mansoor Adeel

    AX 2012 Techno Consultant