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After the duplicate company feature was abolished in AX 2012 I'm having difficulties finding a proper replacement feature. I am currently working in different environments and need to transfer a "template company" from my test-environment, I have been experimenting with the export/import function but have not been able to find a solution that works well enough, it may be because I'm having difficulties finding the right combination when I'm configuring the definition group.


Any ideas on how I can duplicate a company in the best possible way in AX 2012? 

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  • Has anyone found a systematic approach to duplicate a company in AX 2012?

  • Hi,

    we are running in the same troubles with AX 2012. We are transfering the whole datebase from source to target enviroment (With SQL server backup and restore).

    But there are some issues:

    - If you transfer the database, you transfer the application. You can export the model, make the database update and import the model in the target enviroment (not needed with same app).

    - After the dump, you have to change the specific enviroment parameters (Reporting Server, Help Server, EP, perhaps some folder references). I wrote a script for these parameters, so it is easy to repeat the dump.

    Regards, Dirk

  • ... we tried other possibilities:

    Data export and import in AX 2012 was nonsatisfying caused by the new data model.

    We sometimes used testing and prod companys in the same AX 2009 system. In AX 2012 we strictly isolate the enviroments. All caused by the new data model.

  • what do you mean by "export the model"?

    I also tried the Data expor/import and had unsatisfying results.

  • AX 2012 uses layer and models (e.g. VAR model) for application objects. If you transfer the database from source to target enviroment, you have to save your customizations at first. E.g. you can export the VAR model, restore the database from the source system in the target system and import the VAR model. (only needed if source and target app are different.)

  • The whole environment management policy is now down to SQL backup's and restores. We have looked into writing our own duplicate company as well as exploring the import/export but with the new data structure you encounter issues at every turn. Now it is all about management, the old days of a simple import/export or duplicate have gone, putting it into the realms of SQL backups and restores.

    Definition groups with avoidance of shared tables is also an option.

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