Web Integration guidelines for Dynamics AX 2012?

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Does anyone know whether there are any official guidelines or documentation for how to approach web integration with the AX 2012 platform? I was wondering whether there was any kind of white paper or checklist document that could be used to highlight the areas we would need to focus on and plan scope for when tackling integration with our ecommerce platform. The specific ecommerce platform is Magento in this instance, so specific guidance would be ideal, but generalised guidance / advice would be just as helpful and much appreciated, so if anyone can point me in the right direction for where to find this I would be very grateful.

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  • There's a good overview in a MSDN blog about AIF and services whitepapers:


    Could be a starting point.

  • Hi,

    as far as i know magento is written in phph, right? So you need some kind of cross-plattform integration.

    For such a scenario Dynamics AX provides the Application Integration Framework (AIF) which is basically WCF of .NET (or a little bit more accurate WCF is used to expose AX functionality to "rest of the world").

    With AIF you can build or setup some services (i.e. tcp/ip or webservices) to access data and functions of AX. AS Volker said you can find some whitepaper and documentation for AIF on MSDN. See  the link he has posted.

  • Hi Volker / Akuehn,

    Thank you both for your advice, most helpful. I will have a look through the AIF whitepapers you have suggested, hopefully that will set me in the right direction.

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  • Hi Richard,

    As Akuehn said the best way to integrate any external application with AX 2012 is through AIF web services. In AX 2012 you have a bunch of out of box web services which you can use. Moreover you can create your custom web services.

    MSDN is the best resource. Apart from that you can download technical materials from Partner Source.

    you can check this link as well : msdn.microsoft.com/.../aa877498.aspx