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Hi - I am trying to install the EP for DAX 2012.  All of the prerequisite validation results are good.  When I run the install it fails and the log file shows this:

An error occurred during setup of Enterprise Portal (EP).   Reason: Setup could not find the application pool object for application pool name SharePoint Web Services Root using the SharePoint object model.

This is an install into an existing SharePoint 2010 site.

Any ideas?





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  • The issue might be its not able to create application pool.

    open the sharepoint centeral administration and create a new web appplication.

    check your client configuration (Configuration Target - Local and business connector) are pointing to same server and port number.

    Then install EP on new web application. I hope your problem will be solved.

  • Does the client have to be installed on the SharePoint server or are you saying to check the values from any client?

  • Created the new web and it still does not work.  It now shows this error:



  • Having the exact same problem.

    Have tried installing on a new web App and even reinstalled Share Point, still getting this error.