AX 2009 VPC Refresh 4 - License key file won't load

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Have downloaded the lastest key file from which is set to expire Dec 31, 2012.

When trying to load the file via Administration -> Setup -> System -> License Information I get an error;

"License code Human Resource II need prerequisite Human Resource I"

When review the file I see the Codelines for 62 -64 (HRII) and 58-61 (HRIII) are there but only Codeline 54 (HR ADA) shows and nothing for Codelines 55-57 (HRI)

Header from license file;

LicenseVersion 2

License #Contoso Entertainment

  Name #Contoso Entertainment
  Serial #M3048953
  Date #31.12.2013

Anybody know if there is a fix somewhere?

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  • Hi Bob

    Did you get a fix to this problem ? I do have the same error

  • Has anyone found a solution to this issue??? I am getting the same problem.

  • Nothing yet.... I've starting downloading the whole works again and loading to a brand new 2008 server running Hyper-V.

    Will know if something changes by the end of the week.

  • I have the same problem and contact about it, but i get no answer.

    Hopely they will change the license on customersource, so i can develop again.

  • I've had the same problem and the solution for me was to download a new registration file through MS VOICE

    there are two ways to download a working license key (as far as i know), depending what type you need Contoso or Company specifix.

    1. Obtain Company specific Licence Key

    In the VOICE menu click on "My Corporate Information" --> "Current Installation" --> "Modules / Reg Keys" --> MS Dynamics AX Business Ready" --> Registration Keys"  --> Now select version 2009 and click "Display License Key" --> Click "Download License Key"

    2. Obtain Contoso License Key

    In the VOICE menu click on "My Corporate Information" --> "Developer Tools" --> "Licence Key Configurator" --> fill in program type with "Demonstration and Development" --> in Product Line choose "MS Dynamics AX Business Ready" --> click "Search" --> Click on the Contoso Demo License key for the appropriate version and download it

  • Thanks for your reply, but i can not find this "Licence Key Configurator" on CustomerSource.

    Please Microsoft change this license key on CustomerSource (refresh 4). Or perhaps you can answer my mail.

  • same problem here, where can i find the correct license file?

  • Dear community of AX,

    There was not a lot of material to fix this issue. But I have made a fix for it:

    1: Open the Contoso_VPC_2009.txt file

    2: Search for codeline 44

    3: Add a codeline 43 with the same value as #44 (this step adds the HRI module tot the license information)

    4: Add the licensefile in AX at System Administration>Setup>System>License Information

    5: Syncronize the objects that AX asks

    In case of a error: Delete all records in the SYSCONFIG table and COMPANYDOMAININFO table in SQL. That made it work for me, try it and see if you can access the AOT and Developer parts of AX 2009.