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    hi all, a customer runs Axapta 4.0 on a Oracle Database Server based on AIX. Could anybody provide me a list of recommended (spfile/pfile) Oracle Parameter. many thanks for all hints & best regards, Holger
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    Hi gl00mie, We have two AOS servers in a cluster, both of them are set to "make this AOS instance part of the load balancing cluster". But I find that if I have a client config file that points to just one of the AOS's that doesn't mean I end up on that particular AOS. So it would seem...
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    Hi, Just need some help on how to integrate Dynamics AX to ASP.Net. I don't have any problem integrating this in C# window app. when i try to use my code in WEB(, there's an error (Page Cannot be displayed) in Event Viewer (".NET Runtime version 2.0.50727.1433 - Fatal Execution...
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    We are going to upgrade our Active directory 2003 to A directory 2008. So, We need to check the compliance of Axapta (4 and 5) and SharePoint 3.0 which we have installed in our productive environment with Active Directory 2008.
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    I have the following code in which i am getting ResultSet from Access Database but i dnt know how to bind it with Grid. I write this method in Form Init and i have two StringEdit Fields username and password. Anyone knows how to bind it ? public void init() { loginProperty loginProperty = new LoginProperty...
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    what is the IntelliMorphix in axapta?
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    I want to change the description of the accounting entry (GeneralJournalAccountEntry) by the description provided on the purchase order (supplier order). please any solution for this problem ?!