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HELP - Cross-currency intercompany transactions

I have transacted cross-currency treasury transactions between two of my legal entites. Legal entity #1 reports in Canadian dollars and legal entity #2 reports in USA dollars. Legal entity #2 only transacts in USA dollars; legal entity #1 records all transactions in USA dollars in DAX and lets DAX...
Forum Thread | on 29 May 2009 by Kim Reid

Not bolded object properties (AX4 / AX2009)

I have problem with pane "Properties". By showing the Properties (ALT+Enter) of any object in AX4 or AX2009 (form, table) and changing one of the properties of the object (eg. label) such property should be shown highlighted font in bold (bold). Unfortunately, in AX4 and AX2009...
Forum Thread | on 29 May 2009 by IKS

Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigating in Dynamics AX 4 sp1

I am trying to write some scripts for Citrix EdgeSight Load Testing for our AX applications. Can anyone please post a link to where I can find the Keyboard Shortcuts for the default navigational options??? I am struggling to navigate focus on and off the Favourites pane.
Forum Thread | on 12 Dec 2008 by Stuart Pollicott

Re: Re: Importing XPOs in a Cluster

Hi gl00mie, We have two AOS servers in a cluster, both of them are set to "make this AOS instance part of the load balancing cluster". But I find that if I have a client config file that points to just one of the AOS's that doesn't mean I end up on that particular AOS. So it would seem...
Forum Reply | on 12 Jul 2009 by AlexHenderson

Re: Upgrading ax 4.0 to ax 2009

Hi Kiran, The simplest way is to export the modifications from the USR layer of AX 4.0 and import the XPO file back into the USR layer of AX 2009 after upgrading. If the modification is as small as you say, everything should go fine. You can then check your customization after you export it from...
Forum Reply | on 11 Dec 2008 by Josh Richards

Sales Order Blocking

Hi, How can we block a sales order in AX2012.? Blocking process steps are help full. Thanks.
Forum Thread | on 12 Jul 2014 by Hari.V