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Weighted Average\Weighted Average Date - Include Physical Value

Hi all, Can someone please answer me why Weighted Average\Weighted Average Date doesn't take into account the Include Physical Value parametar during the Inventory Recalculation or Inventory Closing procedure? I found that this is not allowed in the class InventCostItemDim methods load, loadTrans...
Forum Thread | on 9 Feb 2015 by Andrej Kozic

AX 2012 R3 - Retail POS Pricing and Discount :: Deal Price

Hi all, In Retail -> Common -> Pricing and Discount, Any discount which is mentioned as Deal Price is not reflected in POS sales screen even after replication of data to Channel DB. Channel Database contains the data, I have cross verified in SSMS. Same if I mentioned in Discount %, there will...
Forum Thread | on 9 Feb 2015 by Narendra Kumar 1987

AX 2012 R3 - Retail POS Customization in PriceEngine.dll

Hi all, Required your guide. I want to do the small customization in Pricing Discount part of AX 2012 R3 POS. For that customization, under service we have discount project in “Retail POS SDK”. In that, below method will be trigger for every transaction change in Discount.cs file. ...
Forum Thread | on 9 Feb 2015 by Narendra Kumar 1987

Dynamics AX 2012 R3: Clone Company Number Sequences

Hi Everyone, Number sequences in Dynamics AX are a terrible pain when you have to create manually a lot of number sequences for multiple companies. I bet you thought Dynamics AX should have an option to copy from company A to company B all the Number Sequences you have configured. It's known that...
Forum Thread | on 31 Jan 2015 by Sparks Luka

Post Implementation Status Report

Experts, We have been in to production since last 3 months and i have to submit an POST AX Implementation report to my department head. Someone please help me with a template which i can use to prepare a post implementation report. Thanks
Forum Thread | on 6 Jan 2015 by Mohd Azeem

Auto split quantity picking list journal

Experts, When i run the picking process against a production order, there are some BOM items which are serialised and more in quantity. Before i register the picking list, i will have to split the quantity 1 at a time and then assign serial number to each picked item and then register. Is there a...
Forum Thread | on 15 Dec 2014 by Abdul Aziz Mohammed

Where Sales Invoice Posting Status is set in ax 2012

Dear All, Does any one know where does the Sales order Posting status is changed to Invoiced, i digged into Salesformletter and Salesformletter_invoice but didn't find, Once run() is called i tried to trace the path but with No luck. My requirement is I need to Write code once all the validations...
Forum Thread | on 8 Dec 2014 by Ansar Basha

Convert data type from AX to C#

Hi all, I have an error in AX when I try to send data to C# method: "Argument '1' is incompatible with the required type." In AX i have a real data type and in C# is string data type. I need to call method in C# and to set my price: myobject.setPrice(price); How can I make data...
Forum Thread | on 27 Nov 2014 by cicamaca

Sales order is not invoiced and didnt show any error message.

I have created a salesorder and when I am going to Invoice it.It didn't invoiced and didn't show any error message. During the debugging I got the stack trace error message on Debug::assert(currentTransaction == _custVendTrans); both the currentTransaction and _custVendTrans contains the...
Forum Thread | on 9 Nov 2014 by Muhammad Zahid

Deploying SSRS report to AX slowwwwww

Hi all, For some reason when I deploy my ssrs reports to Dynamics AX it is VERY slow. Taking minutes to deploy a simple report. Why is this? Is there a cache or something that builds up over time and needs clearing out? Thanks!
Forum Thread | on 6 Nov 2014 by jhowe

DMF retrieves Only the first record

Hello community, i am using DMF to export data, i built the query based on a view already created, because i retrieve data from multiple DataSources. The export should result in 11 records. Unfortunately, i only get the first record displayed 11 times. i create the generate groups for the generated...
Forum Thread | on 26 Oct 2014 by jihane

Need to get all the unique ID associated with security roles.

Hey Guys, As per my observation, SECURITYUSERROLE table contains the information of user and unique ID associated with security role. I have written a post on blog as well : http://www.ax2012r3.com/blog/make-a-user-system-administrator-in-ax-from-sql-server However, i need to know how can i get...
Forum Thread | on 16 Oct 2014 by John Smith Sr.

RE: AX 2012 SSRS displaying dynamic parameter values in reports

If you have a query based report, you can try the following solution. It should work with RDP based reports as well : Step 1 : In VS, manually add a Parameter(ReportFilterCriteria) to the report [Allow blank = True, Data type = String, Visibility = Hidden, Nullable = True] Step 2 : Add a method to...
Forum Reply | on 7 Oct 2014 by knish

Released Products Buyer Group

Hi, Would you guys know what is the purpose of the Puchase Fast Tab>BUYER GROUP Field on Released Products form? I am trying to understand the difference between the buyer group field in Released Products vs. Vendor Details. When I try to create new PO, buyer group will default according to the...
Forum Thread | on 10 Sep 2014 by jixee

New Query in Dynamics AX to be used on SSRS report

Good Afternoon, I have a query in the AOT of Dynamics AX. The root table is SalesTable and the data source under SalesTable is CustTable. I have the relationship currently as SalesTable.CustAccount = CustTable.AccountNum. My problem is I need to see the Invoice Account address and the Customer Account...
Forum Thread | on 9 Sep 2014 by brw_ax_developer

How can I apply sorting on SSRS report.

Hi, I'm using R2 CU7 and I have a form in AX which sorts the data in descending order in date column. however, when I print on SSRS report it doesn't apply sorting on date column but, it apply on project ID Colom. Can I apply any sorting on specific field on SSRS report? any help or suggestion...
Forum Thread | on 5 Sep 2014 by John Smith Sr.

AX2012 SSRS Error - Unable to Log on to Microsoft Dynamics Ax

HI There, I am getting below error while running any AX report even after having all required access ":Unable to Log on to Microsoft Dynamics AX". Note that i have set ITL\abc as business connectior a/c in AX and same a/c is used for SSRS execution account and service account while AOS...
Forum Thread | on 26 Aug 2014 by RSolanke

Australian GST setup in Dynamics AX

I am trying to setup GST codes and GST groups for a company in Australia. Can anyone please recommend how this should be done, so that it conforms to the Australian BAS reporting? e.g. is a GST code required for each label/field on the BAS report (GST-capital-purchases, GST-non-capital-purchases, GST...
Forum Thread | on 21 Aug 2014 by Andy Davis 2