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Service Order Item Price

Hello everyone, in the service order one item price is not shown automatically but shown as 0(zero).now this service order is posted resulting the voucher shows the value 0(zero) .other items in the same service order shows correct price in the tab as well as voucher.my question is (1) why item don't...
Forum Thread | on 29 Jul 2015 by mohmedaakib saiyed

Retrieve item lines from suspended transactions, POS RETAIL

Hello, i'm under Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail POS and i'm facing an issue. I'm wokring on a form that retrieive the suspended transactions filtred by the customer that i put in the BlankOperations project. I was able to get the list of suspended transactions by customer but i can...
Forum Thread | on 24 Jul 2015 by saad nadir

RE: In which tables are stored the financial dimensions?

Thank you. Very useful. I just wanted to ask one question which related to Financial dimensions. The DimensionAttributeValueCombination table has a column "DisplayValue" which stores the complete account with the dimensions it is going to hit. Lets say we change department dimension...
Forum Reply | on 23 Jul 2015 by Abubaker Siddiq

RE: AX 2012 R3: DMF, error while importing product variant

Hello Syed, I experienced the same error message, and I solved it with doing the following steps: 1. Open InventDimCombination table, get the highest RetailVariantID number 2. Go to your Retail Module and open Retail Parameters 3. In number sequences tab of your Retail Parameters form, find the...
Forum Reply | on 9 Jul 2015 by Fatih Gork

Bypass the print management

Hi, i need to create the pdf file of the purchase order ssrs report but it always uses the print management setup used for the purchase order so i need to override the print management setup in the controller class. my code is as per follows static void Job28(Args _args) { PurchPurchaseOrderController...
Forum Thread | on 8 Jul 2015 by gyan chand kabra

RE: DIXF- Import Product Default financial dimensions

Hello Torkia, I'd like to add a note at what Guy Terry wrote, The sequence should be like as shown Dimension Format field in your application tab of source document format. e.g. if it is shown as Cost Center | Item Group in this field: and if the cost center you want to match with the item...
Forum Reply | on 7 Jul 2015 by Fatih Gork

Different security roles in different legal entities

Hello all, For anyone experienced such a structure, what is the best practice to build such a security structure? e.g. let a user have delete permission for items in one legal entity, and have only read permission for items in another entity?
Forum Thread | on 2 Jul 2015 by Fatih Gork

RE: Item import by DIXF in ax 2012 R3

Hello Andre, I have same field but my current environment is like following: AX runs with 3 companies and they all have the same ItemId. Also my ItemId equals to my Product number in EcoResProduct table. When I import barcodes for a Product, I just get the Product ID for DisplayProductNumber...
Forum Reply | on 29 Jun 2015 by Fatih Gork

RE: Global Address Book

Hello, Do they show up in the lookup? Do you have admin rights? If not, please have secure by address book settings checked in organization management->Global address book->Global address book parameters.
Forum Reply | on 11 Jun 2015 by Fatih Gork

RE: Item Import - Supporting data / tables

Hello Dougq, The fields you are searching for are in the inventory tab of default order settings form: Dougq EDIT: I should add I see the values for example in InventItemInventSetup for lowestqty and highestqty in the InventItemINventSetup table but not on the form itself (Default order settings...
Forum Reply | on 26 May 2015 by Fatih Gork

Which AX table stores the Budget details per dimension?

Hi All, I need some help identifying the corresponding table from my database, where these data are stored. I have the Main Account Budgets that are entered at Dimension Level. One example of Budget per Dimension in Budget Register is as per below. I would like to know which AX table...
Forum Thread | on 12 May 2015 by Nadeem_Mk

Performance monitor counters ... How to analyze

Hi all, I can get the list of Performance counters to observe for a production set up for Dynamics AX at this link . What I am unable to find is what to do with these numbers. For SQL counters I can get some information for AOS, Client I do not know what to do with the result data. What I mean...
Forum Thread | on 2 May 2015 by Girija Shankar Beuria

MR2012 and DAX 2009: soft close to get opening balance

Hi everyone A straightforward question to which so far I have been unable to find the answer. Situation I'm building a consolidation report in Management Reporter 2012. The data is period-to-date (PTD). To get the balance sheet correct, I need the opening balance. The fiscal year runs from...
Forum Thread | on 29 Apr 2015 by Abaw

Customize Email Template for notification

Hi, I am thinking of customizing the Email Template for my Purchase Orders, to notify the user by email upon successful approval of the Purchase Order. Till now, the email is a static and generic one and is working correctly. However, I wish to made it a bit more dynamic, by mentioning the corresponding...
Forum Thread | on 23 Apr 2015 by Nadeem_Mk

Same Financial dimensions for Journal Movement & their lines

Hi guys, I'm a begginer in financial dimensions, I have a question, this is my case: I have to copy the financial dimensions from the journal movement to their lines, I mean if the one of the financial dimensions is changed in the journal movement I have to change the same value for all their lines...
Forum Thread | on 20 Apr 2015 by Quique Vanegas

RE: GL Opening Balance Journal Import using Data Migration Framework

Hi Mani, You need to check field data for DefaultDimension and LedgerDimension. Either one of this is wrong or incorrect pertain to that record. And of course any error during import, the import process stops and exit. I also had the similar error. One of the line field DefaultDimension was having...
Forum Reply | on 14 Apr 2015 by Naushad CK