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How to preserve setting's in AX for further deployment

Hello All, Basically I'm not well-versed with AX but have been working on AX for past couple of months as a developer. I'm implementing a help desk module in AX and need inputs for the following points. 1. If I configure the additional user group in AX how can I deploy it on a different...
Forum Thread | on 7 Jul 2009 by hunkunti

Sales Order Blocking

Hi, How can we block a sales order in AX2012.? Blocking process steps are help full. Thanks.
Forum Thread | on 12 Jul 2014 by Hari.V

wrong depreciation calculation and posting error

Hi, I need to use daily depreciation for some fixed asset. For this reason I create a new depreciation profile. Its depreciation method : Straight line service life Its depreciation year : calender Its period frequency :Daily After I bought assets , I tried to use depreciation proposel...
Forum Thread | on 2 Jun 2009 by aydin meric