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wrong depreciation calculation and posting error

Hi, I need to use daily depreciation for some fixed asset. For this reason I create a new depreciation profile. Its depreciation method : Straight line service life Its depreciation year : calender Its period frequency :Daily After I bought assets , I tried to use depreciation proposel...
Forum Thread | on 2 Jun 2009 by aydin meric

Report Performance when using TS Easy Print

We're running Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 on Windows Server 2008 R2. Users access the rich client via TS Remote App. We have enabled TS Easy Print to avoid issues managing the various required print drivers which would otherwise be required. However, I've been told that when running certain reports...
Forum Thread | on 13 Jun 2011 by John Bevan

How to preserve setting's in AX for further deployment

Hello All, Basically I'm not well-versed with AX but have been working on AX for past couple of months as a developer. I'm implementing a help desk module in AX and need inputs for the following points. 1. If I configure the additional user group in AX how can I deploy it on a different...
Forum Thread | on 7 Jul 2009 by hunkunti

Modifying AIF Service to accept custom fields

Hi all, I've added a ton of custom fields off the inventTable, inventColor, inventSize, etc. I'm trying to use the InventItemService.create service. What do I have to do to be able to populate my custom fields with my incomming XML message? My current itemCreate schema doesn't have any of...
Forum Thread | on 3 Sep 2009 by Clay

Sales Order Blocking

Hi, How can we block a sales order in AX2012.? Blocking process steps are help full. Thanks.
Forum Thread | on 12 Jul 2014 by Hari.V