By Jenny Davis, ThePartnerChannel Magazine

It’s getting close, folks! This week is a special ISV-only installment of the Tip of the Week Festival, as ISVs are likely into crunch time with getting everything ready for their Expo experience. Today you’re hearing from Manick Vel of ZSL Inc and Virginia Weinstein of The Partner Marketing Group.

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ISV Tips from Manick Vel

Here is the list of final measurable out comes for the conference which can be set from the day 1.

1.Set target for sales closures at the conference and measure
2.Set target for product demos and measure
3.Set target for daily booth visitors and measure
4.Set target for collecting new contacts other than booth visitors
5.Set target for partnerships

ISV Tips from Virginia Weinstein

During Convergence use text messaging to collect opt-in e-mail addresses for your e-mail marketing campaigns. There are companies such as Cellit ( where you can setup a text messaging campaign. Conference attendees would text to a number with their e-mail address and would receive an automatic reply (which you can customize) from your company. When people are walking through the exhibit hall they won’t have their laptops to go to your Web site and sign up for your newsletter. Plus they will probably forget once they leave, but they will have their phone with them.

Another way to use the text option is to drive traffic to your booth. Imaging being able to offer a chance to win $25,000 or more at your booth. You would only have to write the check for the insurance. People could text into a number to receive an auto generated number, come to the booth to see if they have won.

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