Do You Know How to Use 'Ask The Community': Part 1

Do You Know How to Use 'Ask The Community': Part 1

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With the launch of the redesigned community and the new functionality that comes with it, we want to make sure that everyone knows how to use the new functionality.  In this case, we are focusing on the "Ask the Community" tool which allows members to literally ask the Microsoft Dynamics Community at large, or zero in on other members in your role or using your product to help find a solution. 

Ask the Community is an easy to use and extremely effective means to quickly find solutions to your questions by leveraging the power of the Microsoft Dynamics Community.  Watch the short video and learn how to best use "Ask the Community" and visit Part 2.

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Microsoft Dynamics Community Team

  • Used to get a response within 48 hours. Now, questions go unaswered for weeks. Useless.

  • I am sorry your questions were not answered with in the timeframe you desired. The majority of questions are answered by the community and normally the community can answer most questions that come through. If you are on the following Enhancement plans (Business Ready Advantage Plan, Business Ready Advantage Plus Plan or Microsoft Dynamics Assurance) you can go to CustomerSource and assign individuals to be a managed user in the forums. These users will have a guaranteed response by Microsoft Support if the community has not answered their question after 48 hours.

    Here are the repo steps in CustomerSource> Log-in to CustomerSource> My Accounts> Product & Service Summary> Managed Newsgroup Registration> Check the individual in which you want to be managed>Save.

  • What about the Business Ready Enhancement Plan? Do we need to pay extra to change this?

  • @AccountingDepartment currently the BREP plan does not carry the managed customer benefit that the other plans do, there is an additional cost to upgrade to another plan.

  • I got the issue of AX configuration.

    Method createConnection in COM object of class TransAutomClient.ConnCtrl returned error code 0x8002000E DISPEBADPARAMCOUNT which means The number of arguments provided is different from the number of arguments accepted by the method.


  • I can't get the question to go through..everytime I hit the submit button it tells me that page is no longer in use or unavailable.  so much for getting help without paying for it.

  • @Kim Brown sorry to hear you are having problems, please send screen shots to the following address and Nick will reach out to you and troubleshoot.

  • @Thinh you should post your issue within the AX forums -

  • Hi, I am constantly getting these two errors when i am trying to open the Gantt.             1.Method 'dataTableCollection' is not supported by the Automation interface of the COM object of class '_DVcGantt'.

    2.Gantt chart has not been initialised properly and might not work properly.           Can you provide with a solution for the same??