Community reaches 50,000 members!

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As I stated in my posting when the Community reached 40K members just a short 6 months ago, the Community is a place where people with common interest interact with people of various kinds in a common location.  In just six short months the community has grown by 10K members to reach the 50,000 member mark along with a 17% increase in traffic during the same time period.  Remarkable.  We, the Microsoft Dynamics Community Team, are simply amazed and humbled by the passion and willingness to help one another that lives within the Microsoft Dynamics Community.  

Alex Fagundes, one of our guest columnists, was quoted recently speaking about the value of community to its users, 'The biggest benefit for customers and partners of the community site is answers based on real world experiences. Often a feature is designed to meet a specific need.  However we often see that one feature being used to solve completely different business problems.  This is where the community site comes in - how are other people using this feature to solve their own unique problems?  What unexpected roadblocks are other people running into?'.

The growth in members interacting in the forums, posting blogs (over 900/month on average) and creating videos is a testament to the strength of the community and the added value, in which Alex alluded to in his quote, that you as a community participant deliver to those that run their businesses on a Microsoft Dynamics solution.  All we did was simply create the platform; well actually, you helped with that too!

"The most interesting thing is the site update that was released this past October. The community site first launched three years ago and this past October we launched our first redesign of the whole site experience. The cool thing about this was that the redesign was strongly driven by the community members and all the feedback we have collected over the years", said Craig Dewar, Director of Dynamics Marketing.

I will end by saying thank you to all that participate in the community, it is what drives us to continually evolve and deliver value by helping customers become more efficient and effective in their business through the Community. 

Thanks again to the 50,000 strong and counting….

Andy Leapaldt | Microsoft Dynamics Community Team
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  • Awesome....Way to go...

  • I like the new design and style of dynamics community website. Keep up the good work.

  • Ahmed Mohamed Rafik,

    Glad that your enjoying the new community site. Please let us know if you have any questions.

  • In 2011, there are 50000 members. What is statistic in 2013?