New Social Media Book for Dynamics Partners

New Social Media Book for Dynamics Partners

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I recently sat down with Mark Polino and Jon Rivers to ask a few questions about the book the two recently co-authored and published.  The book is about how to effectively use social media as a Microsoft Dynamics partner.


1. What’s the book about?

Effective use of Social Media from a Dynamics Partner’s perspective.

2. Why should anyone buy it?

We’ve both developed good social media followings in the Dynamics space, and though we emphasize different mediums (Mark – Blogs/Twitter Jon-LinkedIn/Twitter), many of the basic approaches are the same. Based on our success in the realms of Social Media we wanted to share what we had learned with others in the Microsoft Dynamics Channel .

3. What is the intended audience, BDM or TDM?image

The target is anything from Consultant to Business Development Manager to Owner. It’s really for anyone in the Dynamics space trying to build a social media presence.

4. Is it strictly for the Dynamics channel or is it broader in scope?

The target is the Dynamics channel but the information we share can be taken and used elsewhere. We tried to highlight social media aspects that the channel should focus on today, areas they can deemphasize for now and areas to watch for later.

5. What prompted you two to work together on the book?

Both of us had an interest in doing a Social Media presentation for GP Partner Connections. It made sense to combine that and work together. As we planned our presentation we felt we didn’t want to just do a presentation and walk away but take it one step further. Part of our emphasis in the book is repurposing of information. We had more information than we could fit into a 60 minute session and we wanted to give the information from that presentation a longer shelf life and reach a broader audience. As a result, we wrote an eBook while we were building a presentation.

6. You seem like an odd pairing to co-write a book,  have you guys worked on any other projects together?

Some people may think that, but others who know us in social media know that it was a perfect match. From a Dynamics Channel prospective it brings into the conversation how both an ISV and VAR can use to Social Media successfully. And this is our first project together.

7. What is the number one kernel of information that you want your readers to walk away with after finishing the book?

We can’t do one. There are two of us so you’ll have to settle for two. First, Linked In is the number one social media site for business to business activity. If you aren’t active there you are shortchanging your business.  Second, creating content from scratch is hard. Repurposing content you already have is much easier. Turn a white paper into multiple blog posts or webinar for example to give it new life.


If interested in the book, click here.

Andy Leapaldt | Microsoft Dynamics Community Team
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