Rewarding your Community Participation with Badges

Rewarding your Community Participation with Badges

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Many members have requested an achievement or rewards system to illustrate their contribution within the community and to compete with other members -- today we're happy to announce "badges".  You can earn badges based on completing specific activities within the community.  All the badges you've earned are displayed on your profile, with the higher-value badges previewed on your forum questions and blog articles to showcase your credibility.

New community members earn an initial "You've earned your first badge" and existing members will be happy to know that badges are retroactive based on all the activities you've taken since you first joined.  Ready to get started? Take a look at your badges and the overall leaderboard.

There are 4 types of badges, each worth a number of points based on the complexity of the badge requirements:
Specific badges -- Complete activities such as filling out specific fields in your profile or change your avatar image and you'll earn a badge. 
Tiered badges -- Continue to complete certain activities such as writing blog articles or answering forum questions and you can earn higher tiered badges (e.g., you can earn the Troubleshooter 1 badge for responding to a forum question with a suggested answer 3 times and the Troubleshooter 2 badge when you reach 25 suggested answers). 
Level badges [NEW!]-- Badges are organized into "levels" -- as you complete all the badges in a specific level, you'll earn a "level completed" badge.  To earn the Level 1 badge, all you will need to do is join a product group, ask 3 questions in a forum, follow 1 other member, subscribe to 1 tag or keyword, and add an avatar image on your profile.  Learn more about level badges
Special badges -- Perform above-and-beyond to earn special awards, such as the product-specific Community Contributor badge, which is awarded quarterly to the top 5 members with the most verified answers to forum questions.

As you earn badges, they are displayed on the Badges tab of your profile, for all members to see.  The following higher-valued badges are displayed at the bottom of your forum posts and on your blog articles to showcase your credibility as other members read your content:
Forums -- Problem Solver 4 and 5, Troubleshooter 4 and 5, Level 3 and 4, Microsoft Community Contributor, MVP
Blogs -- Blogger 3, Level 3 and 4, Microsoft Community Contributor, MVP

In addition, if you are an MVP, product-specific Community Contributor, or member of one of the User Groups, a badge will also be displayed on your forum posts and blog articles.

As you participate in the Microsoft Dynamics Community you can compete with other members in the following ways:
Friends -- Compare your badges and points to your friends by selecting the Badges tab on your profile and then selecting the Friends Leaderboard tab.
Everyone in the community -- Want to see how you compare to everyone in the community? Select the Leaderboard link from the Badges page within your product group.

We hope you have fun earning new badges and competing with other members.  We'd love to hear your feedback on the badges and ideas for new badges -- please leave a comment below or send us a tweet with our #MSDynComm hashtag.  Thanks!

Eric Parsons, Microsoft Dynamics Community Manager

  • Cool.  Got the email, and the email/badge system encouraged me to flesh out some of the different parts of my Community presence I'd not done previously.

  • Great addition to the already awesome-looking community!

  • Great way to re-engage people!

  • This will re-engage and make people more interested to stay connected with the community

  • cool

  • Great....

  • Outstanding site and badge system!

  • Cool stuff.

  • Are these badges instantaneous or do they get assigned at intervals?

  • In case anyone wonders, seems the badges are awarded at intervals, not immediately when you reach the goal.

  • @Joris, Yes you are correct -- badges are awarded via batch operations and typically within a couple hours of the requirement being fulfilled.  

  • Like the idea!!

  • Definitely a great idea - it encouraged me to update my profile and put more information in!

  • I wish that the "See all badges" functionality worked for any user, right now if I go to a user's profile and I click on See All badges, I get to see all the ones I have achieved instead of the ones that user has achieved.

    I know I can look at the badges for that user on a multi-page list but I like the graphical way available on the "See all badges" section.

  • I do like the ability to filter one product's badges, that's a cool one. :)