The Countdown has begun!
We're just days away from the start of Convergence 2011 and all of our plans and preparations are wrapping up as our presenters do their last minute rehearsals and adjustments for all of the great breakout sessions to be held. All told, we have well over 400 sessions throughout the four days of Convergence, not to mention all of the interesting Hands On Labs topics that are waiting for you to explore.

I wanted to highlight a few things - some parting thoughts before I make my way to Atlanta. First, want to make sure you've thoroughly explored the Session Catalog (or the secured version, the Schedule Builder) and have created your list of session priorities for each timeslot. Not only does using Schedule Builder help you figure out where you want to be during each day, but it also helps us gauge interest in the sessions.  You may see - over the past week and in the coming days - that we're adding session repeats for sessions that we're predicting will fill. If you created your schedule in Schedule Builder a few weeks ago, it may be wise to log back in and refresh your schedule.

I also wanted to send a friendly reminder that using Schedule Builder doesn't reserve a chair for you in the sessions. Sessions are still on a first come, first serve basis and we know from past experience that sessions will fill up. I'd encourage you to have a back up plan in case you run into full sessions - where else can you make the most of your time? Other concurrents or interactive discussions? Community & Learning Center? Expo? Hands on Lab?

Also want to highlight the newest additions to the Convergence agenda, Deep Dive sessions and Birds of a Feather.  For those of you that want to go deeper into some of the hottest ERP topics, the ninety minutes we've set aside for the Deep Dives should be right up your alley. We're having just one timeslot for this year's deep dives, on Tuesday beginning at 4:30pm. We'll be paying close attention to the feedback and attendance, so that we can make decisions for 2012. So - attend a deep dive and provide us with your feedback!

Birds of a Feather are also new this year. Think of these as more an unstructured networking opportunity.  We've set aside time on Tuesday, also beginning at 4:30pm,  and we've set aside space within each of the product communities in the Community & Learning Center, for folks to gather together for some good old fashioned dialogue. We've provided the topics and the chairs; you help provide the direction and the discussion. Seating is limited, although we'll likely find the space if folks turn out in droves. In the end, it's all about making connections with those that have similar questions and interests.

That's about it - we're really looking forward to seeing you next week and can't wait for the fun to begin!

Tracy Stenhjem
Content Manager