This week I wanted to post an instructional video on how to use the database deployment tool. I've seen a bit of confusion and thought a tutorial would be helpful.

Why would I use the database deployment tool?

The database deployment tool was created to support those that need to run the Management Reporter services from a Windows 2003 machine.

  • It is required to create a new Management Reporter or data mart database.
  • It is required to perform any incremental updates to the Management Reporter database when new rollups are released.  
  • It is not required if you are running Management Reporter on Windows 2008, Windows 2008 R2, or Windows Server 2012 machine . If you are on a newer version of Windows Server you can stop reading now as this information does not apply to you.

Do I have access to this tool now?

The database deployment tool was released with Management Reporter 2012 Rollup 2 and is included in any release with Rollup 2 or newer.

  • If you have installed Management Reporter 2012 Rollup 2 the database deployment tool is on your server.
  • If you are still on the RTM or Rollup 1 release of Management Reporter you do not yet have the tool. It will be required to update your Management Reporter database to Rollup 2 or newer.

Where can I get more information on the database deployment tool?

The full documentation is available in the Installation and Configuration guide (MRforDynERPInstGuide_ENUS.pdf) on the Microsoft Download center here. The steps are under "Install Management Reporter 2012 on Windows Server 2003". 

How can I get a list of the available parameters? 

Run the following to get a list of available parameters:

            MRDatabaseDeploy.exe /?

Can you provide an example of the syntax needed to deploy a new Management Reporter database?

Below is an example of the syntax to deploy a new ManagementReporter database to a remote machine named SQLServer

            MRDatabaseDeploy.exe /action:create /databasetype:ManagementReporter /servername:SQLServer

            /databasename:ManagementReporter /databasecollation:SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS

            /databasemasterkey:pass@word1 /servicedomainuser:contoso\mr_svc /adminuser:contoso\ryan

Note: This should be a single line of text with just spaces with parameters between each switch. I broke this into three lines to avoid the text being cut off.

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