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Year End processing is a hot topic.  I have recently read several blog posts and announcements on this topic, clients have been submitting questions about the topic, and the Year End Closing seminars scheduled by our Etelligent offices filled up quickly.  Accounting and payroll departments are making preparations for Calendar Year End and Payroll Year End, and some have an upcoming Fiscal Year End.


In order to provide guidance for those who are seeking information on the year end closing procedures within Dynamics GP I have decided to compile a list of links to on-line resources.  A brief intro to each link will provide a preview of the content.  Note that this list may not catch every available resource but these are ones that I am aware of and think are useful.


Microsoft Support KnowledgeBase articles are now available outside of CustomerSource or PartnerSource and are searchable through standard search engines such as Bing and Google.  The article called Year-End closing procedures for General Ledger in Microsoft Dynamics GP deals with the fiscal year end and the General Ledger specifically but it also contains links to the related sub-ledger articles.


One warning for users of the Analytical Accounting module is to exclude the Analytical Accounting tables when running Check Links on the Financial series.  For details see the article at the Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog entitled Information about Check Links for Analytical Accounting in Microsoft Dynamics GP


Speaking of The Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog, they also have a series of articles relating to Year End.  The post entitled Schedule of Year-End Closing Blog Posts has a release schedule of posts and links to all the articles in the series.  These articles are comprehensive.  They expand on the KnowledgeBase articles about the same topics.  There are numerous links to related articles and hot topics from Microsoft.  There are also instructions and links for obtaining assistance and support. 


My GP Search  is a good place to search for all things related to Dynamics GP, including the Year End Close process.  I like using this search site because it’s focused results usually contain what I need. 


GPUG (Great Plains User Group) has a lunch and learn event scheduled for December 13, 2011 called Year End Closing Tips and Tricks.  This is open to all GPUG members and there are free membership levels available.  So if you aren’t already a GPUG member here is an opportunity to try them out.


A Google search for “Dynamics GP year end close video” returned numerous results for those who like viewing recorded training.  The videos range in length from five to eighty five minutes so you can choose the amount of depth that you require.


Finally, attendees of the Etelligent Year End Close Breakfast received two resources, a copy of Closing Dynamics GP from Accolade Publications and a seminar handout.  The book from Accolade Publications deals with monthly close procedures along with the calendar and fiscal year ends and should be a useful resource throughout the year.   The seminar handout is based on a demonstration of the close procedures following the Microsoft KnowledgeBase articles and use of the Fabrikam sample data.  A link to seminar handout is provided at the end of this article.  I hope you find it useful.


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