Workflow management trends for 2012It’s now 2012 and with a New Year comes evolving trends for us in the world of manufacturing. I believe workflow management will play an important role this year for businesses that want to gain an edge with better ways to automate and manage resources.

Going along this path, I believe there are three top trends we will see going into 2012. Let’s consider each, how they are interrelated, and how they help manufacturing professionals plan out more efficient workflow management.

3 Workflow Management Trends to Watch in 2012

  1. More utilization of materials to streamline the flow of goods – Going into the New Year, the main trend to watch for is more use of hardware/software to help transform raw materials into product and get it into the hands of customers. With more emphasis on workflow management systems, companies have greater opportunities to expand and still maintain manufacturing operations.Going along the same lines, watch more manufacturers integrate their hardware/software systems with each other such as tying in ERP and PLM systems.
  2. Increased IT hiring – Working off the first item in this list, 2012 will bring in a renewed surge of hiring IT personnel to maintain and manage the software and hardware for workflow management. With an increase in hiring needs, IT candidates will see a wider range of opportunities and might have more from which to pick and choose for career advancement or new employment.
  3. Leveraging auditing software – The enemy of production and staying on schedule is unexpected delays. The last trend to watch for is how more organizations will use auditing software to protect their IT and personnel investments, while keeping production interruptions to a minimum. With auditing in place for manufacturing workflow management systems, more companies will develop a more proactive, and not reactive, approach to production operations.

With a New Year, we’ll start to see more manufacturers invest in ways to increase efficiency in their production processes.  This includes more reliance on hardware/software, hiring more IT personnel and leveraging auditing software for optimal workflow management.

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