Dynamics CRM Case Study: Risk Management on Opportunities

Dynamics CRM Case Study: Risk Management on Opportunities

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 The Challenge:

An industrial consulting corporation required a process which determines how it will pursue new opportunities from its CRM and conduct risk management. Dynamics CRM alone did not provide the ability to execute such processes within the organization.

The Solution:

The company integrated PNMsoft's SCE with Dynamics CRM. SCE retrieves the opportunity data from Dynamics CRM and populates a form which is routed to the appropriate employee for further analysis. The employee adds data to the form’s customized fields and Sequence Kinetics ensures that it is routed to his manager until the analysis is complete. SCE then enables the company to execute a risk management process surrounding the opportunity to determine how to move forward on it. The results are updated in Dynamics CRM and the relevant stakeholders are notified.

All parties can view and manage this process from the company's SharePoint portal. SCE's CRM activities and visual workflow design interface resulted in rapid time-to-solution without high development costs.


  • Process-driven work ensures opportunities are managed in an optimized manner.
  • Risk management is standardized.
  • CRM activities are expanded throughout the organization.
  • Automatic routing saves time and errors.
  • Opening information channels and collaboration between CRM and SharePoint.
  • Dynamics CRM capabilities are extended and maximized.

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Eli Stutz

Head of Knowledge and Collaboration, PNMsoft


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