Note: Please note that the majority of the below is for audiences that are on the stand alone version of CRM Online. Customers on the MOSPA (O365) platform are not issued HCTi's and instead can view their billing details by accessing the portal and selecting Admin > Licenses (or Licensing) > Billing. For more details on O365 billing please refer to
Over the past few months the billing support team have received quite a high amount of requests to regenerate the Hard Copy Tax invoices. These invoices are sent via post. There has been some confusion where these are mistaken as CRM Online Invoices, but this is not the case. The Tax invoices are a summary of the monthly subscription charge. They are issued every month for legal tax reasons. They are only issued to customers that have a credit card registered.

* Example of the Tax invoice format

To ensure that Hard Copy Tax invoices and delivered with the correct details, we strongly advise that you familiarize yourself with the profile details that can be changed and set in the billing portal. The Billing portal is available to access at For customers on the CRM Online standalone portal the portal can also access their billing information by selecting Settings > Administration > Billing.

Note: Access to the billing portal is only available to billing administrators or contacts that are set with the billing administrator delegate role. You will need to sign in to the portal using a Windows Live ID (WLID).
How to amend / change billing details: 
To edit or amend your billing details follow the below steps:

1.     Access the Billing portal

2.     You may have multiple Billing portal accounts. Ensure that you access the correct account from the dropdown that appears in the blue ribbon. If you only have one account you will automatically be routed to the billing details for your account

3.     The default home page will confirm the last few charges and the subscription offer name associated to your account:


4.     To review your billing details select the ‘Profile’ (if you have multiple accounts you may be prompted to enter a security code. This code is sent you the alternative e-mail address that is associated to your WLID. The alternative e-mail address is a security feature associated to your Windows LIVE ID and can be set / changed here)

5.      All details that were set during the subscription conversion:

6.     Details can be changed / amended by selecting the ‘edit profile’ option

Please ensure that all details are correct and updated if changed. We strongly advise that a company name details are added (as these may not have been completed since the conversion of your subscription). We also advise that the first and last name be registered as a contact.
If you have a Tax ID, please ensure that valid details are registered. The billing administrator has the access to add and amend the Tax ID details. If amending the Tax details ensure that the status is listed as “valid” after adding. If the status should change to an invalid status please ensure that the Tax details are up to date with your local tax offices. If there should be any issue you can then contact the billing support team.

Re-issuing the Hard Copy Tax invoices
If all the bill details are correct and you fail to be receiving the Tax invoice, we advise that you contact our billing support team. The team can issue the hard copy tax invoices and have them re-posted. The hard copy tax invoices can go missing through postal services so if you require a copy of the tax invoice, billing support can arrange for the documents to be re-posted. If the documents need to be regenerated, please allow up to 2-5 weeks for the documents to be delivered.