CRM Online and Compatibility settings (IE 11)

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Compatibility and using CRM with IE 11 (Windows 8.0 / 8.1)

We have received some feedback related to using CRM Online on the latest version of IE (IE 11). You may see that CRM 2011 or 2013 does not behave as expected or may even be displayed as in “Mobile Express” view. Below are two examples where we have received feedback related CRM Online performance using IE11.

*Scenario # 1: Sending invites using CRM 2011 where the new user cannot accept the invite



*Scenario # 2: Configuring CRM 2013


Workarounds to the issue

From escalating this internally we discovered the below is due to settings in IE 11. As a work around, we advise that you add your CRM Online URL or “” to your compatible viewed sites. You can do this by selecting Tools > Compatibility View Settings and then adding “” to your compatible viewed sites.



Once these steps are completed you should then be able to configure your CRM Online Trial and begin to use CRM 2013 as normal through IE.



Another workaround to the above is to configure IE 11 using the Emulation mode. With this setting you can use the IE Developer Tools to set the browser mode to IE10 (or another version)

  1. Browse to your CRM URL
  2. Hit F12 key
  3. Select the “Emulation” settings
  4. Set the “User agent string” to “Internet Explorer 10″
  5. Browse back to the CRM URL


Emulation Mode