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Social media outlets are the latest way to connect to a digital audience that presents real-time intuitive data to organizations. With this new audience, organizations have a whole other realm in which to present, manage, and keep track of current activities happening in their market. This is a great resource, but it also presents the issue of how to connect the data from social media to the organization’s database, while keeping relevant and up-to-date information for contacts and leads.

PowerObjects’ latest PowerPack add-on is PowerSocial. You can now connect LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to Microsoft Dynamics CRM systems and feed information back and forth in real-time! PowerSocial gives organizations the ability to directly connect LinkedIn and Twitter to their Dynamics CRM, which allows users to post real-time, schedule posts, monitor feeds, add contacts and leads, and create instant cases all directly from CRM.

PowerSocial Add-on for Dynamics CRM

It is simple really. PowerSocial allows users to create “publishers,” each of whom can be linked to a LinkedIn or Twitter account. This enables users to create posts, schedule posts, or tweet from the publisher’s account while never having to leave Dynamics CRM. On top of communicating directly from CRM to the social media stratosphere, PowerSocial also allows Dynamics CRM users to monitor all activities with the Social Monitor. The Social Monitor enables users to monitor the current feeds, respond to posts, retweet, add connections as contacts or leads in CRM, and create cases for contacts!

PowerSocial Add-on for Dynamics CRM

Try the new PowerSocial add-on for Dynamics CRM today with PowerObjects’ free 30-day, no obligation trial!

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