Last week at Convergence Marketo announced the release of their Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration. Marketo has had an integration to for some time and I am happy to see them release an integration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Marketo is a market leader in Revenue Performance Management (RPM) -  a powerful marketing automation solution aimed to increase pipeline, improve sales effectiveness, and optimize sales and marketing investments. Marketo helps companies align sales and marketing around revenue-generating activities and control the entire revenue cycle of the marketing and sales processes that begins with a customer’s first interaction and continues through purchase and long-term customer care.

Marketo is not the first to bring this type of functionality to Dynamics CRM. Companies like ClickDimensions and CoreMotives have been offering similar type functionality integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for quite some time now. I have worked with ClickDimensions and like their solution and the integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

While at Convergence, I had the opportunity to talk with some of the Marketo team as well as see a brief demo of the Marketo solution and how they integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Marketo has taken a different approach with their integration by not offering the complete solution from within Dynamics CRM. From what one of their reps told me the goal is to have marketers work in Marketo’s interface and have the sales force work in Dynamics CRM,  passing all important information between the two platforms through their integration. The value of this type of integration can be argued as both a pro and con, but I think it is always nice to see more options for the Dynamics CRM community. From the brief overview I was able to see at Convergence, it looks like Marketo has a great solution, and I am excited to see how their offer progresses in the coming months.


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