Using customer relationship management (CRM) software like Microsoft Dynamics® CRM will save you time, shorten the full sales cycle, and improve your marketing results.  Another significant benefit to this software solution is that it will build in consistency and reliability for your sales and marketing teams.  If your team members are using files, spreadsheets, or disparate software programs to store important customer data, it will take longer to monitor their efforts and to make sure that customers are getting the attention they deserve.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes a feature that that will make the sales process easier and more consistent for your sales team – the workflow process.

With workflows, you and your team can create and respond to activities based on your business process.  For example, when an employee sees an action item that they may be responsible for or are targeted to complete, they can complete the task in the time specified and the entire team is notified of the completion.  Automating processes like this will ensure that tasks are being created and completed faster and uniformly.

Using a single software program like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, instead of files and spreadsheets, means that your team is entering, using, and reporting on the same customer data.  You can watch for market trends as well as forecast and budget more accurately.  You can also be confident that customers won’t get lost in disparate software programs, but will receive prompt and accurate attention by your team.

Microsoft has improved the workflow process in Microsoft Dynamic CRM to save you and your team time that you can spend on other important tasks – like serving your customers.  For more information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM or creating workflows, please contact Cargas Systems.

By Memie Whiteside with Cargas Systems, Pennsylvania Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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