We’ve just wrapped up CRMUG Regional Chapter Leader seminar here at CRMUG Summit 2013 in beautiful Tampa, FL.  What a fun afternoon with a dozen of our awesome volunteer Regional Chapter leaders from around the globe – we had folks participating here from California to Florida to Ontario to the Netherlands!

CRMUG’s Regional Chapter program is a vital part of the CRMUG community, empowering our members to meet face-to-face at 58 locations around the world to connect and share with local Dynamics CRM gurus on the topics that impact them most.  The program wouldn’t be possible without the volunteer efforts of our Chapter leaders, who coordinate and facilitate meetings, arrange valuable meeting presentations and content, and help drive Chapter awareness and participation. 

A couple fun highlights from today’s meeting:

  • We played “Who Wants to be a CRMUGillionaire?”to test our fearless leaders’ knowledge of CRMUG and the benefits.  Split into 4 teams, our Chapter leaders duked it out over questions like:
    • “What is our virtual community called?” ANSWER: CRMUG Collaborate
    • “What is the name of the online event CRMUG offers for members to gather by a common interest?”  ANSWER: Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
    • “What is the % of first-time attendees at CRMUG Summit 2013?”  ANSWER: 60%
    • “How many discussions have occurred in CRMUG Collaborate?”  ANSWER: 2,200
    • “How many active Chapters does CRMUG have?”  ANSWER: 58

Since the CRMUG staff is primarily headquartered in Fargo, ND, the winning team took home a North Dakota delicacy – chocolate covered potato chips (“Chippers”) made in Fargo!

  • The providers of our CRMUG Collaborate community – Higher Logic – joined us to give us a peek at some great new ways we can use CRMUG Collaborate to better engage Dynamics CRM users at the local level.  There’s a lot to explore – we’ll be diving into some options in the coming months, so stay tuned!

Do you attend Chapter meetings in your area? If not – you should! It’s an incredibly valuable opportunity for you to pick the CRM brains of others who live and work near you.  Check out the existing locations of our Chapters.  If there’s not a Chapter in your area – start one! Onika, CRMUG’s fantastic Chapter coordinator, would be happy to help!


And now....we're all going to go enjoy this..