SharePoint Integration

With the release of UR12 soon and the rollout of the December 2012 Service Update on its way, we would like to make sure everyone is prepared for the upgrade.  One thing to be aware of is the need to also update your Microsoft Dynamics CRM List Component for SharePoint if you are using the document management integration with SharePoint.  Dileep Singh recently created a blog post on the CRM Team Blog discussing this.  If you missed it, you can find the full details here.  This blog post also mentions another scenario where you may need to update this component if your SharePoint online instance is upgraded to the latest service update or if your SharePoint on premise instance is upgraded to SharePoint 2013.

Unsupported Customizations

With this release, you will have a broader choice of supported browsers that you can use to access Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  This feature enhancement required some significant changes to the CRM web application while maintaining support for the supported API’s.  However, client scripting that utilizes unsupported techniques may break as a result of these changes. If your organization includes any JavaScript customization, it is very important that you review the following blog posting and use the Custom Code Validation tool to help detect any unsupported customizations that may break due to the changes required to support additional web browsers:

Resolve Breaking Script Issues When Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Custom Code Validation Tool Released