As most know, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Update Rollup 6 (UR6) hit a bump coming out of the gate.  Fortunately, the Microsoft team caught the issue quickly and immediately pulled UR6 from availability.

The good news is that the issue was corrected and UR6 is re-released.  There are a couple of items worth noting about the re-release:

    • If you installed the initial release of Update Rollup 6 then you should install the re-released versionimmediately. 
      • If you previously installed Update Rollup 6 you will be able to install the re-released version on top of it.
    • If you receive the error message, “Microsoft.Crm.UpdateWrapper.MspInstallAction” when attempting to install Update Rollup 6 or higher, then you need to uninstall the Dynamics CRM application and reinstall using a more recent download of the software package. 
      • Please see KB 2668504 for more information about the error message and resolution.


A few items to note regarding UR6:

  • UR6 cannot be removed once installed.
    • Specific database updates are applied in Update Rollup 6 that will not allow you to uninstall UR6.
    • You should back up your databases before you install UR6.
  • CRM Online server-side updates are planned for implementation beginning mid-February.
  • CRM Online customers should apply the CRM Outlook Client updates at your earliest convenience. 
  • You can use the Windows Update service to install UR6.  UR6 will be available from the Windows Update service beginning on January 24, 2012.
  • UR6 contains the Dynamics CRM Q4 Service Update features (Update Rollup 5).
    • UR6 is a cumulative update that contains fixes included in UR1 – UR5.

As always, I encourage you to read through the list of fixes included in the UR to see if there are any you need.  There is one I have been waiting on with regard to Dynamic Marketing Lists so I’m eager to test that issue once I install the update.