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NM760 asked a question on 9 Jul 2008 6:25 AM


 Im not sure if anyone else is experiencing this but under the opportunities reports it still shows opporuntites that have been closed which give a false report.

Is there an explanation for this?



Paul McQuillan responded on 10 Jul 2008 6:59 AM

Hi Nichola, 

Each Report in Microsoft CRM comes with a Default Filter which is used if no other Filter is specified - so that if you Report from a result of an Advanced Find, only the Opportunties shown as a result of the Advanced Find are reported on and the Default Filter is ignored.  However if no Filter is specified and so you are reporting on All Opportunities, then this Default Filter is used.

For example the 'Sales History' Report will (by default) only look at Opportunities that have been closed in the past year - however this can changed by browsing to the Reports Area in CRM, highlighting the Sales History Report and clicking the 'Actions' menu to bring down the 'Edit Default Filter' option.  This option gives you an Advanced Find style view where you can set the Default Filter for this Report.

What I'd suggest is that you look at which Report you are using, check what the Default Filter for the Report is and whether or not it is looking at Inactive Opportunties - and change this Default Filter to only report on Active Opportunities, OR alternatively run an Advanced Find or specific View and then when clicking to Report select the 'All Records on all pages in the current view' option to only Report on the Opportunities you are seeing as the output of this Advanced Find or View.

Hope that helps to clear up any confusion about why Inactive Opportunities might be finding their way into the Report.

Kind Regards, Paul.

Saumil Shah responded on 5 Dec 2013 1:39 AM

Try using Clear filter and than try again...